A Creative Approach to PIVOTing and Designing Revolutionary Changes in Life and Business


I just shut down in 2021

2021 was one of the hardest years that I’ve ever experienced. I dealt with so many personal challenges that by the time we hit the month of March, I just shut down. 

Every week it was something new to deal with, a problem to fix, or that moment when you look into the eyes of your sweet golden retriever and know that it was his time to go. It was like the hits just kept on coming at me and so for the sake of my own self-care, I just had to shut it all down. 

I made a commitment to write my first book, I Just Did a Thing, about how to use creativity to make a PIVOT in your life or business. To be honest, I Just Did a Thing was really the only big thing that I accomplished in 2021. 

I used that time of writing as space for me to start the healing process. 

It was yet another moment in my life where I experienced how being creative could help me work through the discomfort, work through how to process everything, and work through how I was going to move forward.  

{ I didn’t just write the book about being creative to deal with your challenges, I’m living it! } 

By the end of the summer last year, I was able to climb back out of the ditch I had stumbled into and I got a full picture of where I was in my life. 

The moment when things shifted for me – when I started painting again – I felt this joy I hadn’t experienced in years. It shifted me from ruminating over my problems and I felt my brain/body shift into another space. And when I started finding new places to walk during COVID, seeing something new stimulated my brain’s pathways. 

I used those walks to come up with my content ideas. I used that time painting to come up with new promotion ideas to share the Create Your Business process online. 

By the end of the year, I had incorporated being in my creative space into my weekly routine and was able to develop a plan on how to move myself personally and my business into a place where I can do what I truly believe I was meant to do.

A PIVOT is a fundamental change in direction.

A PIVOT happens when we’re tired of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Change can be thrilling yet terrifying but it’s a necessary process for us if we want to see progress in our lives and in our businesses.

I Just Did a Thing provides a framework for you to move through the PIVOTS in your life. 

Learn how to use simple exercises to retrain your brain with creativity to find solutions and pathways to move you through your pivotal journey. 

I Just Did a Thing isn’t just for painters, DIY artists, or graphic designers. Rather, it offers creative ways to unlock a new pathway to find your way through your PIVOT.  Discover the tools to move past your fear and create a space to help you think differently so you can ride the PIVOT wave or make a hard turn into another direction.  

Your PIVOT happens when you know that pushing through the fear of change is greater than the pain of staying in the feeling of discomfort by not doing anything. 

It’s how you choose to move through the change that makes the difference and determines where you’ll find yourself when you come out on the other side.