There are two important things that keep women entrepreneurs from getting traction in their businesses.

First, we make the process too hard! I see tons of “How To” posts that just don’t work for me and my work style. I would quit too if I had to follow all that advice.

And secondly: to really grow your business, you have to go back to the drawing board and get clear about (a) how much time are you willing to spend and (b) your ability to be open to thinking differently about how you run your business.

The underlying truth is that unlocking the right side of your brain is the key to fine-tuning your ideas and creating your maximum success. As entrepreneurs, we are often so obsessed with action steps and tasks that we need to do that focus on our business. We spend way too much in the problem-solving part of our left brain not ever realizing that this thought pattern holds us back.

What do I teach in the Create Your Business program?

Penney Fox

I don’t force you into a cookie-cutter process where you’re required to follow steps in exact order. In fact, one of my biggest sayings is “There’s no right way or wrong way to do this. Just your way.”

You’ll learn a new creative process to unlock the parts of your brain to work through the gap from where your customers are right now to where they want to be. The Create Your Business program gives you the tools to get your customers from Point A, being in the problem to Point B, having the problem solved.

The Create Your Business program is about learning how to develop a marketing strategy for your business that works for YOU, your OPENNESS to new ideas, and your PRIORITIES for your business. You’ll finish this program with a process to help you learn creative problem-solving techniques and worksheets to help you expand your business to see tangible results.

How does the Create Your Business program work?

The Create Your Business subscriptions box is part deep dive work to grow your business and part creative experience to help bring your ideas to life.

But what makes this subscription box different is the creative exercises you’ll work through with your marketing plans while sparking new ideas to help you think outside of your usual box. Each month you’ll learn more about who you are in your business and you’ll walk away from the creative experiences with major ah-ha moments as your creative juices start to flow.

With every monthly box, you’ll get introduced to something I call the Creative Insight Process.

Each step of the Creative Insight Process is contained in your monthly boxes.

The monthly Create Your Business boxes will help you to develop a clear vision for your business, identify critical milestones, and create an immediate plan of actionable steps. You’ll learn the process that I take my clients through to help them to connect to more customers.

How can I help you?

I know how a business works. I’ve been running my own business since 1999 so I understand the daily struggle to grow your business while still finding time for something that at least resembles a personal life.

It’s hard but rewarding work.

If you had ten more hours in the day, you could do the work to grow every social network you think you need to be on. But you don’t.

You can’t.

You don’t have a massive team to grow your business. Most days, you are the team.

I get that.

I’m growing this business with no more team than an accountability partner, my online mastermind group, and Winston and Cooper, my Golden Retrievers.

{ And believe me, Winston still struggles with Facebook but Cooper rocks Pinterest! }

It’s about finding the balance with all your new ideas, stopping what’s not working for you, and finding a way to connect to your customers.

Other than the fact that I’m a self-professed Pinterest addict, I’ve done some pretty cool things:

  • Since 2010, I’ve taught over 100 social media workshops at the National Entrepreneur Center in Orlando.
  • I’ve worked with hundreds of small business owners – from the startups to the companies that have been in business for over 20 years – to teach them how to use Pinterest and social media to grow their business or blog.
  • I reverse-engineered the way Pinterest works and grew my Pinterest account organically to over 19,000 followers without the use of any paid schedulers or spending any money on promoted pins.
  • I’ve developed the Pinterest Traffic Builder group coaching program to show business owners and bloggers how to create strategic content for Pinterest to bring more qualified customers into their email list.

Let me show you how this works:

I was working on a project to update the interest funnel for my Pinterest strategy ebook and I struggled with how to work out the flow of the emails. I got out a pen and paper and just wrote down all the steps I thought needed to be in my funnel to convert more customers.

Just looking at my notes, I could see that something was off.

It looked like a bunch of ‘this is what you’re supposed to do’ kinda stuff rather than information that provided my community value and could really help them with their Pinterest marketing.

I put it down on the table and took out my coloring books. For the past year, I’ve been using those adult coloring books for fun with some crayons and colored pencils.

It was always just a way to relax but this time, it felt different. I was trying to work through a problem and I had reached an impasse.

I was totally stuck.

I spent the next hour focusing on the shapes on the page I was coloring. I noticed how the yellow crayon had a different shade than the yellow pencil. I wasn’t thinking about Pinterest or email sequences. I just thought about what color should go where and how I wanted my final picture to look when I finished it.

When I was done with my creative project, I picked up my notes again and I had a moment of insight ===>>> the email sequence doesn’t have to be about these things that ‘the experts’ tell us need to be in our funnel.

I was trying to make what I thought  ‘I should be doing’  work for me.

I was trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. I was trying to force something that wasn’t going to work for me.

Spending that hour coloring moved me from focusing on problem-solving in the analytical part of my brain to being insightful with the creative side of my brain.

From that moment on, the ideas just flowed on to the paper.

I re-worked the entire email sequence into something that provided value to my community. Something that would help them solve their problems. Something that felt more like what I would do, not something ‘the experts’ told me to develop.

I found a way to be a round peg that fits perfectly into a round hole.

Want to try this out?

When you find yourself getting stuck on a problem that you’re sure has more than one solution, it’s time to get creative.

Subscribe to the Create Your Business box and when your monthly interactive workbook and creative tools show up, you’ll learn how to develop your business’ products and services and turn them into a new program or product that no one else is selling.

You’ll come up with ideas you haven’t thought of before – something that can help your customers do something easier, help you make you more money, or discover a new way to turn your ideas into something that everyone wants to buy.