I want you to know that I see you

I understand where you’re struggling with developing your social media content.  

I know that all small business owners don’t all fit in the same mold and we can’t all use the same template downloads to write our social posts.

I know this to be true because I know what it feels like to wonder why I can’t get this content stuff to work for me. 

I cannot begin to tell you how many training programs I have paid for and how many thousands of dollars I have spent in group programs. I am that person who shows up to the calls. I’d go into the Facebook groups every week. I answered my workbook prompts, I did all the work and I didn’t see results. 

I even spent money on a year-long mastermind program and I STILL didn’t see an increase in my business!

Why wouldn’t any of this stuff work for me? Why didn’t it work? 

I constantly questioned myself and how was I going to help others when I couldn’t even make a download ebook’s steps work for me? 

After hitting my head against the wall { seriously don’t do this, it really hurts! }, I knew that I needed to find another way to work on my content marketing. I decided to walk away from the same marketing programs that you constantly see promoted online and made the choice to do something different, something more creative with my valuable time.  

I developed a better productivity plan that allowed me to do more than just get more work done in less time. I found a process to develop more strategic growth action plans that included creative brainstorming activities and a path to implement the marketing steps { and not just let this sit in a google doc in my laptop }. 

When I spent time in that amazing marketing productivity process, the ideas and insights were coming to me like a beaming light cutting through my fog. I was like, that’s how it works. See, that’s how developing my content works for me, because that’s how I’m wired.

I’m wired to work this way.

And I knew that there were other small business owners out there that are like me.

The ones who are struggling with implementing their marketing plans and they just knew that these DIY group programs can’t just be the only answer for us, that there has to be something else.

Who am I and why do I know that the Marketing Strategy Collective program can help you develop your marketing?

I’m a marketing consultant who focuses on content development/strategy for over 20 years. Within my consulting work, I discovered my superpower – teaching small business owners how to fit social media marketing into their already crazy busy weeks. 

{ I’ve taught 100’s of classes at the National Entrepreneur Center in Orlando Florida. } 

I love learning about how the brain works and how it affects everything from how we deal with trauma to how we can uncover insights and ah-ha moments within our business. I’ve read through and marked up the pages in books like The Body Keeps Score and The Eureka Factor to dig into the science about how much our body is telling the truth and how our minds will discount it to be stuck in our thoughts. 

The idea of tapping into your creativity started to bubble up inside me and in 2018, I tested out my theory by holding two separate in-person Creative Masterminds with women business owners. During the full-day events, we worked through their social media struggles by showing them the power of participating in a simple creative exercise of making vision boards. 

By spending one hour of our time together cutting and pasting images to canvas, the women experienced breakthroughs with their business marketing plans. 

Watching these women experience their insights inspired me to turn this creative experience into something that I could share with more women business owners. 

The Marketing Strategy Collective was developed

Why the Marketing Strategy Collective works 

From my 20+ years of working with women business owners, I’ve heard more than my share of their struggles:

  • buying too many DIY programs and not finishing the programs
  • not doing the deep work to learn more about how to reach more customers – just want to jump right in and start running Facebook ads
  • not seeing any results so they quit or make excuses why it’s not working for you instead of digging in deeper to try another way to connect to more customers
  • trying to be perfect and posting daily – when that doesn’t happen, it gets all messed up in your head that you didn’t do this right

Does this sound like you?

Do you feel like you’re constantly running on the content development hamster wheel and not getting anywhere? 

Even as a marketing consultant, I was struggling to create consistent content. 

I developed the Marketing Strategy Collective because of a combination of what happened to me over the years and the results I saw when my clients went through the marketing development program with me.

I created this marketing strategy development program as an option for those of you who would rather work in a group setting where you can get feedback from other like-minded business owners. Where your marketing planning is more of a collaborative experience rather than a solo journey to be able to consistently post on social media to grow the reach of their business. 

What can you achieve from joining the Marketing Strategy Collective? 

  • Hours saved from trying to come up with content ideas to engage more customers
  • Overwhelm removed from dealing with your marketing challenges
  • Create evergreen content that gives you leads and sales with your social posts
  • Developing a more effective posting schedule to reach more people in your community

And something else to think about …

If you’re currently consuming all the free content and free workshops that you can … 

If you’re looking for help, that’s more than just posting a question in a Facebook group …

If you feel tired of fighting your current strategy and need help to figure out why it’s not working … 

Then it’s time to join us in the Marketing Strategy Collective Program.

What do I teach in the marketing strategy collective?

I don’t force you into a cookie-cutter process where you’re required to follow steps in exact order. In fact, one of my biggest sayings is “There’s no right way or wrong way to do this. Just your way.”

You’ll learn a new creative process to unlock the parts of your brain to work through the gap from where your customers are right now to where they want to be. The gives you the tools to get your customers from Point A, being in the problem to Point B, having the problem solved.

The Marketing Strategy Collective is about learning how to develop a marketing strategy for your business that works for YOU, your OPENNESS to new ideas, and your PRIORITIES for your business. You’ll engage in this program with other group members to help you learn creative problem-solving techniques and you’ll get monthly workbooks to expand your marketing messages to reach more customers and to see tangible results.

You’ll get personalized feedback not just from Penney and her years of content marketing experience. You’ll get to participate in an online exchange of ideas with other like-minded business owners to help you maintain a steady flow of engaging content.

 You’ll be able to stop working in a solo bubble and work in a collaborative space to get help with your current content marketing efforts like your sales page, your content ideas or even to help you work through your content calendar. 

You’ll be part of our marketing supportive community where you can share your challenges and successes – and learn from each other’s experiences! 

It’s a space to create connections.

It’s a place to give your marketing messages an intentional purpose. 

It’s your opportunity to make an impact and FINALLY reach your income goals. 

ready to up your marketing game?

I believe that the definition of being a successful entrepreneur has been completely one-sided for years. And like you, it caused me to wonder what am doing wrong with my social media marketing? 

The idea that you have to work more hours to be successful. 

The idea that you have to do more social media posts to be successful. 

The idea that if you don’t post here, don’t share enough selfies, don’t do enough daily live streams that you will not be successful. 

Why does this have to be true? Because someone who has millions of followers told us THAT’S what it means to be successful? Well I say that’s abso-freaking-lutely not the truth of defining your success. 

You have an opportunity to do something different with your marketing this year and since you made it this far down this page, consider this moment as a call to action for you to step into your true story with your marketing messages. It’s your time to own the things that make you and your business unique. 

It’s your chance to step outside of the box and get the help that you need to really see your own definition of success.

Join the Marketing Strategy Collective to help you create a successful business that feels authentic to who you are and who you help with your services or products.