Need a personal roadmap to get more traction with your marketing?

So many times, we get caught in the glow of shiny object syndrome, where we’re only focusing on what we sell and not HOW we’re selling it and HOW we’re reaching our customers online.

As a marketing consultant who has worked with hundreds of clients, I understand your marketing struggle and what it feels like to be stuck on the content hamster wheel and you’re not sure what to do to get off that constant cycle of working so hard and not seeing any results. The Content Resources offers you the place to get the answers you’re looking for to develop a strategic marketing plan.

Below you will find all the current free and paid offers available:

5-Step Creative Content Development Process

{ Free }

If you feel like you’re hitting a wall every week to pull your content together, then the 5-step Creative Content Development Process could be the answer that you’re looking for to reach more customers online. The 5-step Creative Content Development Process shows you how to tap into your creativity to ensure that you’ll never run out of content ideas.

Content Repurposing Roadmap

{ Free }

Learn how to stretch your existing content further and reach more customers online. Breathe new life into your existing content by repurposing it for various platforms, formats and audiences and start creating content that works smarter not harder to grow your business.

Get my book: I Just Did a Thing

{ $13 }

I Just Did a Thing provides a framework for you to move through the PIVOTS in your life.  Learn how to use simple exercises to retrain your brain with creativity to find solutions and pathways to move you through your pivotal journey.  Your PIVOT happens when you know that pushing through the fear of change is greater than the pain of staying in the feeling of discomfort by not doing anything.  It’s how you choose to move through the change that makes the difference and determines where you’ll find yourself when you come out on the other side.

Path to Purchase Program

{ $20 }

It’s time to end the guesswork and embrace clarity to create content that captivates your customers no matter where they are in their buyer’s experience.  With the Path to Purchase, you’ll get your ultimate secret weapon for conquering all of the questions of content creation. The Path to Purchase is the content development tool that will help you stop feeling stuck when it comes to creating content that actually converts your social media posts into customers.

Content and Marketing Strategy Session

{ $250 }

This Create Your Business Strategy session is an online 1:1 coaching session where we will deep dive into what exactly needs to happen to take your business to the next level. Together we will map out what the next steps are and you will leave the call with a clear plan of action so you can start implementing right away!