Generate Site Traffic and Reach More Customers Online

Take the “Create Your Business” journey and never run out of marketing content ideas again! 

Are you frustrated with all the same content creation information out there about how to sell more online? Seriously, just doing more videos can not be the only answer! 

As a woman creative business owner, I know how hard it is to find a marketing program that works the way your brain is wired and how you build your business.

Are you a woman business owner struggling to create consistent content for social media? 

If you’re like me, you’ve signed up to way too many coaching programs, showed up to way too many FB groups, and what kind of results did you get from all that time and effort?

For the past 20 years, I’ve coached women, creative business owners, from start-ups to ones who’ve been in business for years. From all the years of working with women with an entrepreneurial spirit, I’ve turned my coaching process into the Create Your Business process. 

If a self-study program and subscription box had a baby, it would be the Create Your Business program – Creative Marketing in a box for women entrepreneurs who are tired of the cookie-cutter approach to content creation.

The Create Your Business program is a monthly subscription program helping women business owners improve their content strategy and marketing efforts by tapping into their creativity outside of business so they never feel stuck or run out of content ideas!

How it works

Every month, you’ll get a workbook in your inbox and a box delivered straight to your door filled with creative tools to help you break out from your usual content planning routine to reach more customers online – you know that thing that you’ve been doing over and over and still not getting ahead?

The monthly creative exercises and the interactive workbooks that come with your subscription take about 5 hours for the whole month. And you’ll be amazed at what insights will come to you when you spend that time focusing on developing your content marketing to reach more customers.

You’ll get excited with the ideas that will flow, the problems that you’ll solve and the results that you’ll see when you dedicate just 5 hours a month to unlocking the marketing possibilities and truly understand what it means to experience creativity in your business.

3-month plan

Lay the groundwork for your marketing plans by learning about who your Ideal Client really is and how your product/service can help them solve their challenges.

12-month plan

The full-year program will dig even deeper into how to convert your goals into income, brainstorm for consistent content ideas, and the steps to turn your ideas into an action plan.

6-Month Plan

Continue building on your marketing plans with the steps to reach more customers online and start developing your social media content without feeling that icky sales stuff. 

digital version

Do you live outside of the Continental US or do you already have a room full of craft supplies? You can get a digital version of the Create Your Business program with a complete list of the art supplies for the monthly creative exercises so you can purchase your own creative tools and participate completely in the Create Your Business experience!

I’m Penney Fox, the Create Your Business developer

I help women business owners develop their content strategy by teaching them how to tap into their creative side so they can stop the struggle with what marketing message to post online. 

I love learning about how our brains work and how it affects everything from how we deal with learning how to manage our relationships to how we can uncover insights with our business content marketing plans. 

As I continued to explore a new way to develop my content strategy, I knew I needed to share my process with other women. I believe that when you learn to spend time in your creative space, you can uncover content ideas you haven’t thought of before – something that can help your customers do something easier, help you make you more money or discover a new way to develop your content creation ideas for your social media posts.