As business owners, we have a real problem when it comes to creating content for our marketing messages.

It’s not about coming up with ideas – because if you’re anything like me, you’ve got TONS of ideas just swirling around in your head. 

The struggle happens when we try to take all those amazing ideas out of our brains and find a way to get them out to our community. 

Why is this so freaking hard? 

The reality of creating content AND doing it consistently can feel overwhelming. 

Does this feel like where you are?

  • You hit a mental block when you’re writing out your content ideas leaving you unsure what to include or leave out .. or even where to start!
  • You work tirelessly on the day to day stuff for your business and can’t seem to block off the time to sit your butt in the seat and write out your content.
  • You’re frustrated because you can’t do it all which then leads to second-guessing about what you are putting out there. 

It feels like an endless cycle and some days the only answer is — I’ll do it later. But you and I both know … that later never really does come and you put it off for another week. 

When Hope is No Longer a Marketing Strategy

The Integrated Content Marketing Program is for your business when you’re ready to make a change and what you’ve been doing to grow your business is just not working.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed because everything that you’ve done, the people that you’ve hired and the money you’ve wasted on being unproductive is going to leave you in the same place next year as where you are now.

This three month content marketing consulting program is for your business.

The Integrated Content Marketing Program is for Entrepreneurs working with a team or Companies with up to 10 employees. It’s for the Business Owner who is ready to step up and make a major change in the way their business operates and grow their financial opportunities.

First, let me make sure that we’re on the same page. 

This is not a program where you’ll get a list of action steps at the beginning of the month and you’ll just go through them like a checklist.

I’m not that kind of consultant and that’s not how I work with my clients.

The truth is — I’ve been there and done that with some of the programs I’ve paid for and the coaches I’ve hired. I’ve tried to grow my business with this type of process and it didn’t work to help me take my business to the next level.

And I’m going to make a strong guess that you’re in this place because you’ve discovered the same people and programs are out there for businesses like yours.

The Integrated Content Marketing Program is about transforming your company. It’s about creating the true vision for your path for growth. It’s about making sure that those underlying fears and issues are no longer keeping your company locked in a constant pattern causing your income to flatline.

It’s about developing a strategic marketing plan with the action steps to actually execute it to make it a reality.

I’ve spent the last 25 years helping my clients achieve results. I’ve held positions in sales, promotions as well as managing a broadcast media plan for clients like a large corporate hospital system in Florida, to developing an integrated media plan for a tourism client in South Carolina.

I’ve worked with hundreds of start-ups, entrepreneurs, coaches as well as brick and mortar local Central Florida area businesses to help them discover their marketing message and how to translate that into connecting to more customers on social media. I’ve taught over 100 social media workshops at the National Entrepreneur Center in Orlando – from beginners to the super advanced – to teach them how to use their marketing plans to grow their business.

This three month marketing consulting program is based on over three decades of insights I’ve learned from working with my clients to develop their marketing strategy, organizational plans and operational systems. As a business owner with 20+ years, I’ll bring my own personal experience to help your business experience an internal shift that will transform your team to ensure that they’ll get involved in the growth and success of your company.

This is where our work begins

I’m not going to sugar coat this program.

It’s going to be challenging. It’s going to be insightful. And it’s going to stretch the way you think about how to broaden your market to reach new customers.

Most of all, you’re going to accomplish more and your team will learn how to become proactive to the trends and changes in your industry instead of being reactive. Your company will have a growth strategy in place where you’ll know what to do next instead of feeling overwhelmed and wondering what just happened.

Your company will have a framework for what your team needs to set up an organizational system to ensure that everyone is involved with the growth and success of the company. You’ll know what results to measure and what to monitor for your company’s growth.

And your company will be guided and supported as your team implements everything that they’ll learn. This three month consulting program will help you uncover the exact steps you and your team must take to reach the next level of financial success.

Pre-Session Focus:  

  • We will have a transformative 60 minute session to identify what your company needs to focus on over the next three months;
  • Go beyond the typical editorial calendar conversation and we’ll talk through what hasn’t worked in your past attempts at growth and what needs to happen to uplevel your company’s income;
  • Then we’ll set up your monthly goals and create the outline of an action plan for the work that we’ll dig into during our 3-month time together.

Three Month Content Marketing Coaching Program:

We’ll meet for a two hour session during a scheduled time once a month either by Zoom call or if you live in the Central Florida area, at your office.

{ additional meeting sessions will be added based on the marketing projects’ needs }

You’ll talk and your team will share. And I’ll listen.

Then I’ll give you the clarity you need to identify where you’re getting stuck and how we can get your growth action marketing plan on track to reach your goals.

The Integrated Content Marketing Program will include:

Email Support

Email access Monday – Friday to have consistent support or to answer any questions you have in between our sessions. You’ll receive ongoing support, guidance with accountability to ensure that you and your team get the work done.

Marketing Support

Access to worksheets, planning tools and other information to help inform and inspire you along the way. We’ll develop a strategic marketing plan that feels true to who your business is and how you can help your customers. 

Detailed Actions

You’ll leave each session with a full set of notes and a detailed action plan with recommendations to reflect on between sessions. Together we’ll develop a strategic marketing plan with specific growth action steps to implement.

Marketing Opportunities We’ll Review Together:

To ask any questions to find out if the Integrated Content Marketing Program will transform your business and your marketing strategy,  you can book a complimentary Discovery Call.