marketing gift for women business owners

Is your favorite women entrepreneur frustrated with all the same content creation information out there about how to sell more online? Seriously, just doing more videos can not be the only answer! 

Give her the gift of the Create Your Business program – a monthly marketing and sales subscription program to help her improve her online sales by tapping into her creativity to never run out of content ideas again!

As a woman creative business owner, I know how hard it is to find a marketing program that works the way that she works best and how she can build your business by reaching new customers online.

What if you were able to give her a paid process to help develop her content that generates traffic, increases her leads, and helps make make more sales? 

And what if this process stopped trying to force her to fit into some marketing template but showed her how to work out her content marketing strategy the way her brain is wired to work?

If you’re looking for a gift for the woman business owner in your life, whether it’s for her birthday, holiday present or an opportunity to say ‘thank you,’ choose the plan option below and her gift box is on the way!

marketing gift ideas for women

Each box includes access to the monthly Create Your Business interactive workbook that will come into her inbox and the art supplies that show up at her doorstep. She’ll engage in the monthly creative exercises to teach her a process to tap into her creativity so she’ll never run out of content ideas again to promote her business online.

The monthly creative exercises and the interactive workbooks that come with a subscription take about 5 hours for the whole month. And she’ll be amazed at what insights will come to her when she spends that time focusing on developing her content for your marketing messages.

You’ll get to watch her get excited with the ideas that will flow, the problems that she’ll solve, and the results that she’ll see when she dedicates just 5 hours a month to unlock the marketing possibilities in her business.

Show your support for her business by gifting a Create Your Business box, complete with your personal gift message!

3 months – $38/month

6 months – $35/month

12 months – $32/month

Make sure that you click the ‘This is Gift button’ on the subscription form to activate your gift of the Create Your Business box!