The Content Creation Co-Working Workshop

I’ve worked with women like yourself for over 20 years and I know that one of your challenges is to create consistent content that will connect you with more customers and get them to click over to your website. 

Yet every week, you’re sitting at your computer, struggling to get the ideas out of your head and into your social media posts, so future subscribers and customers can see it.

But yet … you feel more like this every week:

  • Hit mental blocks when you’re developing content ideas that leave you unsure about what to include and leave out, or even where to start.
  • Work tirelessly at your business and STILL not easily creating consistent content that builds relationships that lead to customers.
  • Feel that at times your creativity just flows naturally and other times seems like your brain shuts down when you’re ready to write.
  • Catch yourself second-guessing your decisions about what you’re writing.
  • Dream of one day creating consistent content because right now, you simply don’t feel like you can carve out the time to create content since you’re “a one woman show” and you can’t do it all. 

What if you could find a way to move past all of that stuff about where you are and you participated in an interactive co-working workshop where creating great content was a fun and exciting process to build relationships and generate leads? 

Whether you’re offering one-on-one services, group programs or have a physical product, if you’re not consistently creating content that’s bringing in the sales, your content creation process needs a makeover.

And you NEED to grab one of the SIX { 6 } co-working Content Creation spaces to join in on the interactive workshop on either September 7 or September 12!

How the Content Creation Workshop works:

You’ll spend 90 minutes with THREE awesome business owners – we’ll have TWO separate groups of 3 people in each group! – who will hop on a Zoom call together, create content in a space where you’ll feel more focused, more productive and will help you get down to business! 


During our 90 minutes together, you’ll discover how to: 

  • Figure out how to get the ideas out of your head and onto video, podcasts, newsletters, social media and sales pages so future customers and leads can see it;
  • Get your questions answered to help you create an effective weekly calendar for content creation;
  • Beat the distractions and make the time to focus on your most important marketing content like sales pages, social media posts, blogs, write your video script, newsletters, lead magnets, free worksheets and website copy. 
  • Only SIX spaces available so you’ll get the time to work through your struggles with the other business owners.

The Content Creation Workshop on either September 7 or September 12 will be a one of a kind experience that will give you amazing insights and teach you to never run out of content ideas again!

Only SIX spaces available so you’ll get the time to work through your content questions with the other business owners AND to work personally Penney!