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You know you need a content strategy to be consistent with your marketing messages online. 

You also know that your content marketing strategy needs to be more than just writing out some ideas in a calendar and scheduling posts for your social sites.

A content strategy requires thought and planning about how you’re going to reach more customers.

And I know that you get this but some days it just feels like you’re stuck in the same loop and doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

What if you found a process to help you develop your content that generates traffic, increases your leads, and helps you make more sales? 

And what if this process stopped trying to force you to fit into some marketing template but showed you how to work out your content strategy the way your brain is wired to work?

If you’re nodding your head when you read those sentences above and tired of feeling overwhelmed with your content creation struggles, then it’s time to subscribe to the Create Your Business program!

What they said…

“I was struggling to learn how to establish and market a new business with social media so that it appeals to my vintage/antiques audience. The biggest thing the monthly boxes did was to help me think through the steps for restructuring my website and business to reach more customers. Definitely subscribe – the Create Your Business boxes will guide you in your business, no matter what level you are at with it, based on where you are and what you need.”

Renell Moore

“The Create Your Business box got me excited about the changes that I needed with my message clarity! I can already see how this cascades through into the posts, pins, and even going forward into Instagram. Suddenly the blocks I’ve been having are starting to fall away, so I must be on the right track to grow my online academy.”

Heidi, owner of

“I’m working on this month’s Create Your Business box – OMG – in just reading the first seven pages, my wheels are spinning and I found my course name within this process of thinking creatively!!”

Marketing Consultant Jessica Rosario

What’s the deal with being creative and how does it help you build your business?

Here’s the thing with spending time in your creative energy – I’m going to get a little scientific with you! – being creative means that you spend more time thinking about stuff with the right side of your Limbic brain or what we know as the Emotional brain.

As a business owner, you spend most of your time on the left side of your brain. Being analytical. Focusing on the problems and the steps you want to take to figure it all out.

That’s the moment where you get STUCK.

But here’s the crazy thing – we keep at it. We keep sitting in that left side brain thing and we’re all like, I’m going to figure this thing out. And we keep at it until we get tired of letting these ideas take up more space in our brain.

What would happen if you spent more time on that right-creative side of your brain?

Let me tell you how all this works my friends — You’d learn how to find moments to feel more joy and stop focusing on your marketing struggles problems. Being creative helps your mind wander into another space, allowing you to come up with those solutions you’ve been struggling to find.

And you know when it happens.

I can assure you that’s happening all around you all the time. You know those moments like when you’re taking a shower or going for a walk, you get these ideas for something that can help your customers do something easier. Ideas to help you make more money or discover a new way to pull that product or program together.

This is what you’ll do with the Create Your Business program every single month. 

You already have the answers within you. You just need the creative tools to help you move your ideas from just swirling around in your head and into a real marketing strategy plan with action steps to get you moving again.

How It Works & What You Get

When you subscribe to the Create Your Business program, you’ll learn how to open up your mind to the opportunities to build your business that could be right in front of you but you’re not able to truly see them.

With every monthly Create Your Business box, you’ll get an interactive workbook to take you through a process to develop your business’ marketing strategy. 

Your monthly workbook also includes active exercises for your brain to show you how to tap into your creativity to change the way you develop your marketing plans to ensure that you never run out of content ideas again! 

A Digital Version is Also Available

Each digital version of the Create Your Business workbook will include a complete list of the art supplies for the monthly creative exercises so you can purchase your own creative tools { or dig through that craft room and FINALLY have a reason to use what you already have! } and participate completely in the Create Your Business experience!

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Lay the groundwork for your marketing plans by learning about who your Ideal Client really is and how your product/service can help them solve their challenges.

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The full-year program will dig even deeper into how to convert your goals into income, brainstorm for consistent content ideas, and the steps to turn your ideas into an action plan.

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Continue building on your marketing plans with the steps to reach more customers online and start developing your social media content without feeling that icky sales stuff. 

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Do you live outside of the Continental US or do you already have a room full of craft supplies? You can get a digital version of the Create Your Business program with a complete list of the art supplies for the monthly creative exercises so you can purchase your own creative tools and participate completely in the Create Your Business experience! Subscribe below

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