Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Small Business

Your Marketing Plans

In these times of uncertainty,  it’s good to remember that your marketing strategy is not just about the number of followers or the amount of money you want to make. Your marketing plans should include thinking about what pieces of the marketing puzzle that you’re missing and a plan to figure out how you can find some answers.

After all these years of taking the time to write up my marketing plan for the year – and some years, it took me weeks to work through when I’d launch my programs and what I needed to focus on to get everything done – I finally started to GET IT.

I get how this thing works.

I’d spend all this time mapping out launch dates on the calendar, making assessments on how many units I needed to sell or the number of people I could help with my programs.

It was all about calendar dates and a bunch of numbers.

Of course I called them ‘goals’ and ‘action steps’ but really I was just writing out all these things that I wanted to happen. I didn’t really think about what I needed to DO to make them happen.

What I really needed to do was to figure out what I need to change and what I need to learn to get me there.


My Marketing Mindshift

If you’ve been following me and reading this blog, you’ve heard me talk about the journey of change that I’ve been on with my business.

{ If you just found me or we just ‘met,’ then let me tell you that I’ve made a whole bunch of changes to not just the way I do things in my business but the way I THINK about how I’m doing things in my business. }

Before I made these changes, I’d spend weeks writing up all these amazing plans only to find myself ending the year making the same amount of money that I did the year before doing the same exact programs. And my recap resembled the one of the year before that one.

And the year before that one.

I knew that something had to change or I would end up in the same place if things didn’t change. I knew that can’t control the Facebook algorithm and how many people saw my posts or how many people clicked on my Instagram photos.


But I knew that I could make changes to myself as an entrepreneur.

I could change my behavior and the steps that I was doing to grow my business.

I could change my mindset and how I thought about connecting to my customers. I could change my usual pattern of just hoping that something would happen to reach these goals and change the way I could make things happen.

So that’s what I did.

I went on a journey of change. I learned what’s missing in my marketing plans and what I needed to do to fill in those lost pieces to help me grow my business.

I started by looking at the steps to bring people down the path to take their customer journey with me. I immediately started to see where the holes were and how many connections with potential customers I had lost.

Then I began to look for the information to help me fill the holes to ensure that I wouldn’t have a repeat what happened last year and the one before that.

Sometimes, I would find an online course that would help me get my answers – keep in mind, I was very protective of my time and money and didn’t just sign up for anything and everything bright and shiny that crossed my path!

And other times, I would connect with new people in my Facebook Groups who would help me learn those important things I needed to help keep me growing.

But there were many moments when I couldn’t find what I was looking for to fill in the missing pieces.

So I started to do my research and to see what I could figure out myself. And then when I moved through the action steps to put my research to work, I started to see results.

I started to see growth.



keep learning to grow your business


How Do You Grow Your Business Online?

You keep learning.

As a business owner, it shouldn’t matter how much information you know or you think that since you’re no longer a kid, you’re done with all this learning stuff. But to assume that you already know all that you need to know means that you’ve basically come to a stand still in your business.

One of the best things you can do for your business is to never stop learning. There’s always something new to learn, tips to try with your social media marketing and programs to try out to help you be more efficient with your day.

When you look at other successful business owners, they openly admit to constantly learning something new every day.

They read books, watch webinars and go to conferences to attend training course by the experts who share their knowledge. The best entrepreneurs know that to be successful, they have to be continuously learning.

If you’re gotten out of the habit of learning, it’s never too late to get started again. Take a look at these FREE workshops to help you learn something new to help you grow your business and your income:


How to Reach Your Next Big Goal { even when you’re running your business from your kitchen table }

Do you start each month excited about what you’re going to work on to grow your business and then by the middle of the month, you’re just struggling to figure out what to blog about?

Or do you feel like you can never come up anything to that you should be working on to grow your business which then leaves you feel like you’re just wasting your time, posting like whatever on social media … and you’re just hoping that something will come to you and give you more focus.

If you need to find your focus to get to your great big hairy goal and then, log into this interactive workshop to give you the steps to take to turn that goal a reality.


How to Create Content to Reach More Customers

If you find yourself with more questions than answers about how to be consistent with sharing your message, then you need to watch this interactive learning session!

I’ll take you through a behind the scenes guided tour of the the action steps that I do every month to make sure that I’m consistent with my social posts.

And that these social posts aren’t just posts so you can say, ‘I got something up there!’ but shareable content that’s going to help you grow your business.

If you’ve been struggling to find your focus about what to post to connect with more customers on social media, then you need to watch this interactive workshop! Get the tips to learn the one thing you should be doing to connect with people who want to buy your products or pay for your services.


How to Find More Customers on Social Media

How many times have you been told to follow these steps or buy this group coaching program and it’ll solve your problem with what you’re facing with your business?

And you did … but that didn’t seem to fix the challenges that you’re dealing with. Or maybe it did help for a month but as you worked the process, it felt kinda off.

It felt like you were trying to put your round self into a square hole. It just didn’t fit.

And no matter how hard you tried to force it to work, you could never figure out a way to stop being your rounded self in a world where you feel like you don’t fit in.

If you’ve been trying to promote your business on social media and getting stuck, watch this interactive workshop to learn what’s the one thing you can do to connect with new customers.


There you go folks … lots of ideas in these workshops to help you grow your business without spending any money.

Don’t let all these options overwhelm you to the point where you decide to not do anything. Pick one or two of these ideas – watch a workshop this week or fill out a worksheet to get more organized with your goals.

Just do something.

And make sure that you keep at it. I promise you that over time, you’ll start to see progress because there’s more to building a business online than just using social media and watching how many followers you have this week.


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