How to Get More Customers to Buy From You

How to get noticed by more people:

It seems that everyone is talking about the idea of ‘getting yourself out there,’ especially when it comes to social media marketing.

By now most of us know that we need to be active on social media to grow our marketing efforts. We’re participating in our Facebook groups, Twitter chats and commenting on each others Instagram picture of the day.

But are we really being visible to others? Are we making the most out of those moments of “I finally got your attention for 15 minutes”?

Or do we have our 15 minutes of fame and then our community moves on to someone else? Someone else who’s live streaming in Facebook. Someone who’s teaching an SEO tip on YouTube or showing you how to reach more customers on Pinterest using Instagram Stories?

Social media marketing is shifting and moving into this “being in the moment” opportunity to connect. It’s not just whether you’ve scheduled enough tweets for the week to promote your new online course or you’ve budgeted the right amount of Facebook ads.

It’s about being live in that moment with your audience, answering their questions, having conversations and giving them a chance to get to know you more than just the behind-the-scenes photos on your Instagram feed.

It’s about letting them watch the conversation as it’s unfolding. It’s about being visible and truly connecting to your community.

Visibility helps us reach us more people and gives us the space to help them solve the problem they’re struggling with in their business or their life.

They see more than just your profile picture with a link to your blog post. And when they learn something valuable from you, it sets the foundation for the “know-like-trust” factor that we’re constantly seeking.

Being visible turns your social connections into customers.

Bringing Value to Visibility

Being visible online is more than just posting up a few videos on Facebook Live and saying, “Alright check off that visibility thing.”

It’s about actively getting yourself out there. It’s about connecting with people in a space where you can be easily found.

It’s about being consistent.

And just like any other form of social media { or marketing for that matter }, you’ve got to do the work. There are no shortcuts in being visible.

There are many ways that you can use Facebook Live or any other form of live streaming to engage with your community but that moment where you deliver that amazing value to them, that my friends, that is where you take this whole visibility stuff to the next level.

It’s one thing to sit there and talk about something important to your customers in an unscripted free-flowing way. It totally becomes another thing when you can use that live video to answer questions or show them how to do something to help their business.

I know how this works from personal experience – I was using the  screenshare feature on the Crowdcast platform teaching Pinterest strategy tips and within 5 minutes of ending my workshop, I got not one but two new clients.

My workshop was still in processing mode into a replay when the emails came over telling me I had made two sales.

Two people from my community were able to connect with me, got a ton of value from my live demo and then stepped away from their computer with actionable items that they could do right then and there.

This is that moment where you’re able to build relationships. It’s a pivotal place in your business where you can turn these connections into customers.

Getting More Value from Your Visibility

Other than the obvious reason of being able to connect live with your community, here’s just a few of the ways that ‘getting yourself out there’ can create value to your social marketing:

  • It’s more than a sales pitch – Live streaming is about communicating directly with your community. Don’t just talk AT them and give the people attending your live event a sales pitch. Show them something, teach them something and let them ask you questions that you can answer in real time.
  • Interact with viewers — Ask your viewers questions and think about creative ways that you can include your community for an interview or to ask or answer questions. People love being able to chat with you more than just typing out their thoughts in a chat box.
  • Ask a question – The value in the chat is really in the questions. When someone types in their question, it adds to the conversation going on between the viewers and yourself. Take the time during your presentation to stop and ask your viewers a question to help them think about the content you’re sharing and how it relates to their personal experiences. Then spend some time sharing their answers to continue the conversations.
  • Re-purpose your workshop – When it’s done, you can take the recording and do whatever you want with it. You can download the audio and turn it into a podcast. Upload the video to your YouTube channel or embed into a blog post. Plus, your live stream stays up as long you want it to be there so anyone can watch the replay you’ve recorded and watch your content on their time.

My favorite way to bring more value to my workshops has always been to use the screenshare feature and do a live demo. I mean, it’s one thing for me to teach you by telling you something. It’s another thing for me SHOW you how this thing really works.

Social media has been moving and shifting into this live streaming mode.  Now it takes more than just scheduling a few Facebook posts to be visible in your community.

Think about how you can be creative showing up in your online space. Something that is uniquely you where you share content that creates deeper connections with your community.

And that’s the point where you’re truly able to start turning your social connections into customers.

Do you feel like this or said these things?

I don’t have anything to say that people want to hear.

I’m uncomfortable seeing myself on video.

I’m not one of those people who can just put myself out there and share. I don’t even comment in Facebook groups – I’m more a lurker!

I get it. I totally do. I’ve said all of those things at one point with my business.

Until I went on a journey of change. I wanted to learn how to have a better plan to be more visible and to create more meaningful connections.

And I pulled it all together – I mean ALL of it – the creative exercises I created for myself, my journal prompts, the whole thing! Then I turned all my notes, journal entries and exercises into the Create Your Business program.

The steps you’ll work through in the interactive workbooks that come to your inbox every month are filled with action-packed content and the space to work through your ideas to help you learn how to show up in your online space. You’ll develop meaningful connections that lead to deeper relationships and create easy sales conversations.

When you Subscribe to the Create Your Business program, you’ll not only know where and how to focus your valuable time but you’ll get connected to the right people who want to buy your products and programs.

AND if you live outside of the Continental US or just want to purchase your own art supplies, you now have the option to get the Digital Version of the Create Your Business program.

Each workbook will include a complete list of the art supplies for the monthly creative exercises so you can purchase your own creative tools and participate completely in the Create Your Business experience!

Subscribe to get the Create Your Business boxes delivered to your home OR get the Digital Version in your inbox on the 28th of every month.

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  1. Just when I was getting comfortable with being photographed, it became all about video and live-streaming! But, you’re right, demonstrating your skills is much more effective than telling people you have them. Xo Nipa

    1. I look at it as baby steps. The fact that you’re getting comfortable being in photos is a big start! You can take that momentum and do some videos with just your voice to help get you comfortable with video. Just look for the baby steps to get you there 🙂

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