I’ve worked with small business owners like yourself for over 20 years and I know firsthand that one of your challenges is to create consistent content that will connect you with more customers at every stage of their customer journey.  

Every week, there you are … staring at a blank page and wishing that there was a roadmap to guide you through the content creation maze. 

And you feel more like this every week:

  • Lost in all your ideas, desperately searching for the right path to reach your customers at every twist and turn of their customer journey.
  • You’re tired of feeling stuck when it comes to creating content that actually makes sales
  • Constantly guessing about how to create content that resonates with your customers, nurtures leads and drives conversions.

What if you could find a way to to move past all of that stuff about where you are? And you had a secret weapon for mastering the art of content creation and winning over customers during their Customer Buyer’s Journey in the Awareness, Consideration, and Decision stages? 

At its core, the Customer Buyer’s Journey is the path your potential customers take from the moment they realize they have a problem or a need to the moment they decide to make a purchase.

And now it’s time to end the guesswork and embrace clarity to create content that captivates your customers no matter where they are in their buyer’s experience.  With the Path to Purchase, you’ll get your ultimate secret weapon for conquering all of the questions of content creation.

Get access to the Path to Purchase and say goodbye to content confusion and hello to a well-lit, well-marked content highway that leads your audience seamlessly through the Customer Buyer’s Journey.

The Path to Purchase

The Path to Purchase is the content development tool that will help you stop feeling stuck when it comes to creating content that actually converts. 

If the whole customer buyer’s journey sounds like a cryptic map you can’t decipher, I’ve created this 3-step program to help you create compelling content for every stage of the customer buyer’s journey – from Awareness to Consideration to Decision

The Path to Purchase includes:

Customer Journey Workshop: Get ready to dive deep into an exclusive video workshop led by seasoned content strategist, Penney Fox. This engaging session will walk you through to stages of the Customer Journey and give you powerful insights and strategies to develop customer touchpoints for your business. 

Three Targeted Workbooks: You’ll access three crafted workbooks designed to align with each stage of the customer journey. You’ll have eye-opening prompts to work through  and actionable steps at your fingertips. These workbooks are your roadmap to content success.

⭐Your Next Steps to Unlock Your Content Creation: Unleash your inner creative content genius! You’ll take what you’ve uncovered in the workbooks and craft content that grabs attention in the Awareness stage, guides potential customers through Consideration and seals the deal in the Decision stage.

Ready to Supercharge Your Content Strategy? 

Join the exclusive community of small business owners who’ve already embarked on a transformational journey with the Path to Purchase. This is your golden ticket to content creation, a space where your ideas become captivating content, your business shines brighter and your community can’t get enough of what you have to offer.

When you click that Buy Now yellow button, you’re not just investing in a product; you’re investing in your own success story. 

You’re stepping onto a path that leads to unraveling that content puzzle and developing content with higher engagement and conversions that’ll help your business finally see growth. 

Your journey to move your community into loyal customers begins with a single click.